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We live in the KC area. I see a number of Casey's and Hyvee stations on this list for Kansas. I am skeptical that these stations have Ethanol free gas as they are companies based in Iowa with a very strong Ethanol lobby. Can this be confirmed? – BobKansas City (August 22, 2015)
Absolutely, Bob. Go to a Casey's or HyVee and test the gas that's claimed to be ethanol free. See how to do it here. – SamMadison, WI (August 22, 2015)
It is extraordinary that only 5 states, Tennessee, North Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, & Florida which border on one another, have 2565 E0 sources, over a quarter of the sources in the U.S. & Canada. – litesongEverett (August 22, 2015)
Bob in Kansas City, Sam is absolutely right, when in doubt, do a personal test of the fuel quality. However in my research over the past three years Casey's make's every effort to supply E0 fuel to as many of their stations as possible. They were early adopters of "gasohol" or E10 gas. But when the RFS became law they realized the need to continue to serve their customers who still use E0 gas.

As for HyVee they came on the scene more recently but are very aggressive about selling E0 gas. In fact most of their stations sell two grades of E0 and one grade of E10. I do not know of a single HyVee that sells gas that doesn't sell E0 gas. I could be wrong but so far I haven't seen it. This stance on fuel sales fascinates me because HyVee is doing this in Illinois which is E0 lean and as you have noted KC. Likewise their prices are very competitive between E0 and E10. My conjecture is that they have gotten so big that they are able to dictate their terms to the suppliers rather than being at their mercy.

To add insult to injury as to Litesong's most recent comment about the SE having so many E0 stations, I just came in from a trip up to the Carolinas today and I only paid $2.29.9 per gallon for 87 octane E0 gas! Right now the Carolinas are the place to be if you want cheap E0 gas! – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (August 22, 2015)
I only paid $2.29.9 per gallon for 87 octane E0 gas! Right now the Carolinas are the place to be if you want cheap E0 gas! – Jonathan Lathbury, Atlanta, Georgia (August 22, 2015)......Five years ago at my favorite E0 source in Everett, WA, E0 gas used to be very competitive with even the cheapest 87 octane E10 gasoline. At every price rise or drop, the E0 to E10 price gap widened. At one point during the E10 price collapse last year, the price gap reached 40%. Tho my E0 station has tried to keep prices down, the (E0-E10) gap reached 77 cents per gallon(28%) the other day. Tho I gain 8% from E0 over E10, even my enthusiasm for the good brew wanes when I have to pay an extra $10 for 13 gallons. – litesongEverett (August 23, 2015) has 9907 E0 source listings, within 1% of 10,000. – litesongEverett, WA (August 28, 2015)
Located in Aberdeen WA, I just noted that Jonathan Lathbury listed an 87 octane E0 source run by the Quinault Native Tribe. I'll use the facility when I'm in Aberdeen. Is there any way can encourage other Native Tribes to open E0 source least one pump in multiple pump facilities, if not E0 sources exclusively. Might Native Tribe run stations not be subject to EPA ethanol blending rules? – litesongEverett, WA (August 29, 2015)
It would be really great to be able to search along a travel route, say "I-95" so one could buy E0 along the way to Florida from Maine. – NoBBBraingainesville, va (August 29, 2015)
litesong: individual stations are not subject to RFS blending rules; as you know, some stations sell only E0, perfectly legally. It's all about the distributors. Presumably Native American stations buy gas from the same distributors everyone else uses, so they're in no different situation. If the gas crosses the reservation border I think it's subject to federal rules, anyway. Interesting question, though.

NoBBBrain: you can use the Google map to view stations along I-95. I've left it to Google's tools to do fancy stuff like list all the stations along a given highway -- I think that's possible with advanced knowledge of Google Maps. But it's not too hard to just scan up the highway. – SamMadison, WI (August 29, 2015)
NoBBBrain in Gainesville, Va, I'm sure you're using I-95 as an example because any E0 gas found north of Fredericksburg, Va all the way to Maine would be excruciatingly expensive as what little is available along that route is primarily specialty racing or aircraft fuel.

Having said that, whenever I plan a long distance trip like that I like to do things a little old school. I blow up the big map and search stations along my route. Then I go to each state listing, earmark those stations I have chosen, and print a hard copy to take with me. That way I know exactly what is coming up and I can call ahead to check availability and hours.

This process has served me well over the past three years. Often times I hear the complaints of the smart phone users because their phones are only showing stations in a radius rather than a directional route. The aps come in handy if you already know the station name and location but need to know the distance or phone number. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (August 29, 2015)
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