Post suggestions and comments about below. I reserve the right to remove them at my discretion, especially if they have a clear political angle. Pure gas is a nonpartisan issue. I'm a Democratic Socialist, many users of this site are right-wing Republicans, even Tea Party, and yet we can all agree that ethanol policy is a mistake. It's not a liberal or conservative policy, it's the result of heavy lobbying by the ethanol industry, like ADM, combined with a massive blunder by the EPA in their attempt to spur the adoption of E85 vehicles back in 2007. We can all get along on this just fine.

Comments about specific stations are deleted – those should go in the station comments. If you find a station listing in error, update it or remove it. This page is for general comments about the site and pure gas, of interest to all visitors. Also, comments requesting that gas prices be added will be deleted. Read about this site or just think for a minute about how this site is updated. Prices would never be accurate on this site.

P.S. I love this site!! Keep up the good work! – BruceLogan, ut (May 18, 2016)
How long does it take for the updates to take effect? They added 5 Kwik Trips in our city in the last year, I added 1 and updated one they replaced but did not see if get entered, so did not try to add the remaining 3 locations.. Also Duluth MN got at least 5 of them too across the bridge, sad only Premium is E0 though, would love to run it in my other motors as those ethanol additives get spendy having to buy to protect your vehicles... – CraigSuperior, WI (May 20, 2016)
Craig in Wisconsin, Don't hesitate to list new stations if you have more to list. If you are referring to seeing new listings on the big map then there is a delay effect. There are so many listings now that google is delayed by up to a few days where as just a few years ago the big map would show new listings in as little as 20 minutes. Just keep listing those new stations, they'll eventually show up on the big map. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (May 20, 2016)
Referencing back to an earlier comment I made on May 10, 2016, the doughnut hole of Atlanta has been officially broken. We now have two stations selling E0 gas well inside the Perimeter aka I-285. The first station installed a brand new dedicated pump and is selling REC 90 octane E0. The second station actually converted an E-85 dedicated pump to 87 octane E0 gas!

As I said back on May 10, "E85 in this neck of the woods is a very poor seller and not too many new stations are selling it." The change over of this station is just one more indication of E85's unpopularity. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (May 21, 2016)
I'm pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! aebfebeegccd – Johna940667I'm pleased that I seen this website, precisely the proper information that I was trying to find! aebfebeegccd (May 22, 2016)
Let's understand how this Gas-0-hol or as it is sold today as E10 "Ethanol added" situation has developed to the state that it is at today. Importing oil from forsaken, blood thirsty nations of the Middle East was identified as a problem to be solved. After short discussion, the LESS than "Plausible" solution has been to burden the American farmer to provide a energy "Supplement" to our nations energy needs in the form of Ethanol from "corn". With the backing of Government enforcement and the wisdom of economical decision making of Private investors. The necessary arrangements to mass-produce Ethanol derived from corn has been done. These Private investors and or Government officials are sometimes one and the same, and expect a "Return" on their investments into corn based Ethanol production.

Here is the "screwy" math used to justify 10% Ethanol added gasoline. The claim adding 10% Ethanol only degrades gasoline by 8.5-to-8%. If you get 20MPG without Ethanol you will get 17.5 -to-17.33MPG with Ethanol. A LOSS of 2.5 - 2.33 MPG to add a 1.5 gallons of Ethanol to a 15 gallon tank of gas. That adds up to approximately 36.45 miles Less from a tank of gas with Ethanol. It would take just short of 2 gallons of gas to make up the loss provided from adding 1.5 gallons of Ethanol. With this somewhat "screwy" math the claim is that less than a half a gasoline gallon is "Conserved" from consuming a 15 gallon tank with 10% Ethanol added. If you consume 34 15 gallon tanks of 10% Ethanol added gasoline you will have used 510 gallons of Ethanol added Gasoline to conserve around 15 gallons of gas. Traveling 9,180 miles on 510 gallons this is about one year of driving to conserve one (1) tank 15 gallons of fuel. When Gas-0-hol was marketed in the 1970's and failed because the benefit was "Minuscule" at best, back then and nothing has changed today. The financial consequences to produce 10% Ethanol are enormous, it has cause the price of groceries to increase. What is also not factored in is how much energy does it take to plant, harvest, and distill all the corn dedicated for Ethanol production? Whatever that amount is subtract it from the "Nan-0-Scale" of benefits. Ethanol is a Lose-Lose a little more to save less solution. Gasoline as a "Supplement" to Ethanol is an improvement to ethanol as in the form of E85. An effort of producing 500-1,000% more ethanol than what we are now producing is the "Challenge" that seems out of reach. If Ethanol is to be used as an "VIABLE" Alternative energy source rather than a energy "Supplement" as it is today.

Lets not misunderstand my point, I did not say not to use Ethanol. What I did write is not to mix it into the gasoline supply at 10%. I also said the best use is to mix 15% gasoline into the Ethanol as E85, the better way to blend. "Because" Gasoline improves the performance of Ethanol "BUT" mixing 10% Ethanol degrades Gasoline. In 2015 Obama pushed for an E15 fuel mandate. This is proof that he and his administration does not understand ethanol as they wish to make the mistake even bigger than it already is. – Anthony IoccaNorth Carolina (May 22, 2016)
Just to add to Anthony's "screwy math", I just completed a modest road trip in my son's 1992 Honda Civic in which I got 55 mpg because of E0 gas in a car that normally gets mid 30s when running E10. Anthony's math was based on fuel economy degradation of approximately 8%. However many of us on this site have actually experienced numbers much higher. I have experienced increases averaging from 15% to 25% by changing over to E0 gas. In fact the least pronounced change I experienced was when I drove a "flex fuel" Dodge Caravan across country on strictly E0 gas. When I hit California I changed over to E10 gas and the fuel economy degraded by 9% and stayed down the rest of the trip. I do not believe our nation has actually cut its dependence on foreign oil by blending in ethanol but rather has extended our dependence. – Jonathan LathburyAtlanta, Georgia (May 22, 2016)
Circle K gas station in Lake Havasu City Arizona has ethanol in all of the pumps so get it off your list !!!! – Calvin HelgesenLake Havasu City (May 22, 2016)
I appreciate this website for directing me to stations that offer Ethanol-Free gas across the country. The curse of Ethanol can be traced back to one very powerful Senator, Bob Dole. I am still amazed how much money Dole was able to channel to his friends in the private sector who made ethanol like Archer Daniels Midland. Dole became quite wealthy (like numerous other politicians) off of his government job doing the bidding of powerful corporations. The legacy has been quite costly to our country as ethanol has been mandated by the government despite doing more harm than good. So every time you see a sign stating ethanol is in the fuel, thank Senator Dole for his hard work on behalf of ADM and the corn growers of Kansas. – Robert CarverSnellville, Georgia (May 22, 2016)
sucks that our local stations no longer use E0 gas. I got way better MPG's with it. we have local refineries that won't produce it any more. local news did a story on it last year. – RobertCorpus Christi (May 24, 2016)
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