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I drive a 1987 3.3 Olds Cutless Ciera with 237,000 ks. It uses no oil. I get at least 20% better mileage than with 10% ethanol added. Ethanol does not have the BTU's of gas so it's being diluted.

More octane in gas is required only in a higher compression motors to prevent preignition which would cause the motor to break apart when it started dieseling. Notice all the 91 ethanol free that is being sold at stations listed here. Ethanol does no increase octane but Methanol does. Indy and Sprint Cars run straight Methanol.

Mazda has decided that gas cars are going to be around for a long time so they came out with a higher compression motor for improved economy and a tuned exhaust to suck the heat out to prevent preignition. A tuned exhaust is just a standard race car procedure nothing new. Hats off to Mazda.

I complained in the Spring here that ethanol free didn't give me the improved mileage it once did and this continued through out the summer. I got some last weekend where I was getting it during the summer and now my has mileage increased back to what I used to get with it originally a long time ago. A friend also complained that his mileage was down during this past summer when he used ethanol free.

1% naphthalene. is added to gas and diesel. Find a Packy dollar store that sells 99% naphthalene mothballs. I add 1 per gallon for a noticeable boost in power and mileage. They dissolve over night. I don't know how many are to much or if your car can even OD on them. – Doug SmithKitchener ON (December 12, 2014)
If you disconnect your battery for ten minutes, when you hook it back up the computer will reprogram itself right away to the pure gas you just switched to.

You should do this at least three times a year anyway just to make sure all the ducks are lined up in a row under the hood.

Clean your mass air flow sensor regular. Most over looked maintenance that's necessary. I found this out after I knew everything else was up to snuff but poor mileage continued. – Doug SmithKitchener ON (December 12, 2014)
This is sort of a stretch, but do ANY gas stations sell gasoline blended with an aether (MTBE/ETBE/TAME)?

It also turns out that there exists an RFG-compliant ethanol-free gasoline blend; since it is vapour- and pressure-controlled, it requires no other additives, other than the standard detergent package. The EPA oxygenate blending requirement was repealed in 2006.

It means that ethanol-free gasoline can be sold just about anywhere--if we could create a demand for it, above the objections of the ethanol trusts.

__RVX – RickDallas, TX (December 12, 2014)
I live in Tennessee and traveled all over the state for business last year by car. The norm is 10% Ethanol with very few chances to buy 100% gasoline & then it's usually 93 octane. Last week I flew to Oklahoma City & when it was time to fill up the rental car I noticed 2 nozzles and 5 grades (2 were 10% ethanol and 3 were 100% gasoline). Just wondering why this is...anyone know? I sure don't. Seemed to be that way as most of the stations. – Steve FordTennessee (December 15, 2014)
Tennessee.....norm is 10% Ethanol with very few chances to buy 100% gasoline & then it's usually 93 octane--Steve Ford, Tennessee (December 15, 2014)......In the last month, Tennessee joined only 3 or 4 states with 500 sources serving 100% gasoline & many of those have 87 octane. Just take the app that allows you to find those sources while on the road. – litesongEverett, WA (December 15, 2014)
A lot has to do with wholesale availability. For TN, about 90% of our 500 or so stations selling pure gas are in Middle and East TN, only 50 or so stations in West TN. Oklahoma also has over 500 stations, but Texas has only 90 or so. Some states are barely deserts of availability. – dukestermemphis (December 15, 2014)
Since this gasoline price crash, have E0 advocates noted a major price gap widening up between 10% ethanol blends & E0? For years I have purchased E0 from a favorite E0 source, even when their prices increased from pennies more than 10% ethanol blends, to as much as 10% to 12% more. However, the present gasoline price crash, has widened the gap between 10% ethanol blends & E0 to 22% to 24+% & even wider at other E0 stations. – litesongEverett, WA (December 19, 2014)
Around home (Memphis) E0 prices are all over the map, from virtually the same price as E10, to, as you mentioned 25% or more above E10. Hopefully, prices will fall - it may be some retailers try to avoid a loss (ie selling for less that they paid), but as you well know, prices tend to rise quickly and fall slowly. Time will tell. Might have been different 30 or more years ago when gasoline primarily was sold at gas stations, rather than the current store/food/everything else retailers whose business model seems to be "just sell gas to bring customers into the store" - ie where the REAL profits are made. – dukestermemphis (December 19, 2014)
......gasoline primarily was sold at gas stations, rather than the current store/food/everything else retailers whose business model seems to be "just sell gas to bring customers into the store" – dukester, memphis (December 19, 2014).....Twice now, during gas price reductions, I've noted that Costco more quickly drops their gas prices than others (even ARCO). Presently, along the I-5 corridor in Washington & Oregon(other places?), Costco prices are dead bottom (sometimes, by a bunch), compared to other gas chains. Wow.....if Costco would sell E0, at even one of their pumps...... – litesongEverett, WA (December 19, 2014)
Had something strange happen when I went to get E0 here in michigan. Had been getting it at one gas station, the last time I went back the attendant comes out screaming at me saying I can't put that in my car that it is illegal in michigan to fill with E0! I laughed so hard and told him "show me the law".. I already knew it wasn't illegal to fill with E0 in michigan, since the legislature here made a law that allows it again. Since boaters (we're the great lakes here) were complaining about major damage (which we all know what ethanol can do to an engine!). Anyway just wanted to add my experiences here in the comments. So isn't that nuts? Some owner is trying to stop people from getting E0, why even sell it then! Amazing, isn't it? What the corn lobby can control!?? I ended up getting E0 from another station. Also, keep up the great work on the website! Love it! – travellermichigan (December 20, 2014)
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